Great News! Soon all of our movie titles will FINALLY be available on Blu Ray! All of our films were remastered to Blu Ray awhile ago and we were just waiting for our distributer to make this possible. They never did but now that Amazon is our sole distributer Blu Ray is finally an option. Stay tuned for updates!

A new BIG plan is in the works to make 3 to 5 new films per year for the next 10 to 15 years until all of our 30 screenplays are made into movies. It’s a bold plan but one that is doable. The start time is not known yet but updates will be posted here.

These film types include: Horror, thrillers, drama, comedy, and science fiction.

Soon work will begin to build a team of like minded individuals who will work together for this project.  Keep your eyes open for the announcement and follow Mike M. Burke on social media.

Casting and crew announcements will be made here as well as social media.